Intelligent Video Analytics

Gather useful insights with high accuracy in near real-time




Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is a software to help users analyse video in order to gather attributes, events or patterns of specific behaviour via video analysis of monitored environments. 

How it works
Live Event
PROCESSED by Lintasarta IVA
Insights Visualized in Dashboard

Face Recognition

Capable to recognize people by their facial characteristics

License Plate Recognition

To identify and translate license plates traversing a certain passage into text

Demography Analysis

Analytics to identify age, gender, and sentiment from a person’s face

Vehicle Classification

to detect and count the real-time vehicle passing underneath and classify it based on its type, make (manufacture), model, and color

Our Analytics.

Thermal Analytics

To measure people temperature simultaneously, up to 30 people. It automatically detects temperature anomalies and people who don't wear mask.

Our Components

1. Agent

Convert video to image
Object detection
Face/vehicle extraction

2. Web Server

Face/plate recognition
Database matching

3. Dashboard

Insight visualization




Thermal CCTV tidak hanya dapat digunakan untuk memonitor suhu tubuh. Dengan Lintasarta IVA, penggunaan Thermal CCTV dapat diperluas untuk:

  • Peringatan pengunjung tanpa masker
  • Absensi pegawai
  • Door access

IVA Use Cases are l i m i t l e s s

Time Attendance

Time Attendance

Personalized Advertisement

Personalized Advertisement

Access Management

Access Management

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Surveillance in Airport

Surveillance in Airport

Heat Map Analysis for Retail

Heat Map Analysis for Retail

Lintasarta IVA can be used to automate the visitors verification and access control, and know more about their profile
Analytics used:
  • Face Recognition
Integrated with:
  • Visitor registration data
  • Access control gate
Information gained:
  1. Visitor’s visit
  2. Time of visit (come and leave)
  1. Enable visitor self service
  2. Visitor can access to the attraction point only by standing in front of signage and verify their personal information. The registered visitor will get their access to the authorized places
  3. Improve efficiency
  4. Self services for ticketing will demand less human operator and time required to do the checking, which considerably improve the cost efficiency and queueing time.
  5. Avoid fraud and corruption
  6. As ticketing running automatically by system, there will be lesser probability for operator or even visitor to do any unexpected fraud or corruption efforts.
Access Control
Specifically in Transportation, Lintasarta IVA can be used to automate the law enforcement efforts and public service improvement
Analytics used:
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Face Recognition
Information gained:
  1. License plate of vehicles traversing a certain area
  2. Face of people traversing a certain area
  3. Unauthorized vehicles stay
  1. Detect untaxed vehicle
  2. Government can monitor which vehicle moving within a certain area and match it with the status of tax payment in order to detect those who pay tax late or do not even pay.
  3. Improve Public Security
  4. Managing crowd prone areas, identifying missing individuals, and detecting criminals.
  5. Detect illegal parking
  6. Help officer to scan license plates and send officer the alerted in real-time regarding any parking violations or scofflaws.
Transportation Enforcement


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